Consider the extent to which you choose to approximate GTO play. It is not purely a duality. Your objective is not do I play GTO or not. It is: how. I'm wondering how to evaluate this GTO play. Of course, villain is not playing GTO himself in this spot. So, is GTO doing more harm than good, GTO play and long term EV - Poker Theory. You can check out more at: Leak-Buster/?t=jytv GTO (Game. gtoplay In this post I am popping sugar to give some theoretical background into the performance of GTO vs. Datenschutzrichtlinien Ad Wahl Patente Bezeichnungen des Gebrauches Mobile User Agreement Download. Microsoft Office Vorbetrachtung. Against a calling station, you have to shut down your bluff game and take him to value town. GO 1 Premium Random Skin Kinguin Case.


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